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Setting Priorities for Local Healthwatch

Setting Priorities for Local Healthwatch

As Local Healthwatch organisations start to be confirmed they will immediately feel pressure to demonstrate impact. What factors does local Healthwatch need to take into account when determining its priorities? I was asked to give a short talk (10 minutes!) at the Healthwatch England Conference held on the 6th of February in Leeds – this is what I said.

There are no quick answers to determining local priorities – but in determining priorities it may be helpful to consider the following:

Which areas of work to prioritise?

Getting the right principles and values from the beginning

Relationships – who to influence, work with and represent?

Its nice to be wanted but don’t be seduced by the invitations! Running from one meeting to the next!


Just because it is a statutory requirement does not mean that it is the best way of doing things!


Quick Wins and the long term. Quick wins are important but local Healthwatch needs to have an  informed view on long term challenges as well. These include:


The above are just a list of ideas and opinions not a definitive list – what do you think?

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