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Waiting for the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership

UPDATE – 24th October 2022

Since I published this blog on the 3rd of October the original South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS website has been updated. It now appears to be the platform for the new Integrated Care Partnership. 

3 months after the NHS restructured we are still waiting for the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership to be formally launched.

Quick Explainer

Since July 2022 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) are the way the NHS is organised. England has been divided into 42 sub regions each with an Integrated Care Board (ICB) – mainly focussed on the NHS and an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) – with a broader strategic remit including local government and the voluntary sector.

ICPs are responsible for producing the Integrated Care Strategy for the ICS.

It’s the Integrated Care Partnerships that puts the ‘I’ in ‘ICS’

Integrated Care Partnerships are important, but there seems to be significant variation in the progress being made to establish this basic infrastructure that is part of Integrated Care Systems.

Lets have a look at Yorkshire (population 5.4 million)

In Yorkshire there are 3 ICS. Two appear to have an Integrated Care Partnership up and running with clear links to it via the Integrated Care Board these are West Yorkshire and Humber and North Yorkshire.

3 months into the creation of the new health structures the only mention that I can see of the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership is an announcement that the South Yorkshire Mayor has been appointed Chair. There appears to have nothing up at the moment that the public can see – not even a note on the website saying that this is a work in progress, watch this space etc etc.

I think the resources and responsibility to establish the partnership rest with the Integrated Care Board not the Mayoral Combined Authority (MCA) … although it would be refreshing if the SYICB were to pass the resources for coordinating the Integrated Care Partnership over to the MCA.

Here are the screenshots from the three Integrated Care Boards showing how we can find out what the Integrated Care Partnership is doing, who is on it etc.

West Yorkshire


Humber and North Yorkshire

South Yorkshire

Meanwhile in South Yorkshire

I have heard informally it that the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership had a private meeting in the week starting the 28th of September, and that Oliver Coppard the Mayor for South Yorkshire has been confirmed as Chair

However, at the moment it is not possible to know:

Does any of this matter?

The government guidance is clear:

“The integrated care partnership MUST involve in the preparation of the integrated care strategy: local Healthwatch …. and people who live and work in the area.” 

“In order to influence the first 5 year joint forward plans the integrated care partnership would have to published an initial strategy by December 2022”

In South Yorkshire we have less than two months for the public and communities to get there head around what an Integrated Care Partnership is let alone to then engage and comment on the strategy.

Current Position

This is how I rank the three Integrated Care Systems with regard to how they publicise the role of the Integrated Care Partnership

First – West Yorkshire

Second – Humber and North Yorkshire

Third – South Yorkshire

I would be very interested to hear from people living in other ICS areas outside Yorkshire. How easy is information about your Integrated Care Partnership to find? Who is on it?

What do you think?

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