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A selection of resources I like – let me know if there are any others you think should be here


Community Engagement in the Social Eco-System Dance – Eileen Conn – Third Sector Research Centre – 2011

Social Determinants of Health Videos

How will you die? – excellent and short (3 minutes) video from Steve Cutts contrasts causes of death in rich and poor countries.

New Public Health – Produced by a group of public health practitioners in the NorthWest of England.

Hurdles to Health – Saskatoon Health Region (Canada) 8 minutes Follows story of one family – ‘a working poor family’

What is Health – Wellesley Institute (Canada)

Lets have a conversation about health…..and not talk about healthcare at all (Halton)

This video has been adapted by at least 18 local authorities in Canada

Darnall Wellbeing

Activity Report 2015

Managers Report 2015


How did the Dutch get their cycle paths?

Funding public health saves Lives and saves money (APHA)

George Osborne and the Tory Debt Lie – Nailed (video of UK Chancellor being questioned at select committee)


Real Life Reform Report 6 – A great piece of work tracking the impact of welfare reform on 100 families over a two year period – project done by a consortium of social landlords

What people die of – great infographic from Guardian – Mortality Rates and Data for all causes of death in UK in 2011

Health Structures

Founding of the NHS Central Office of Information Film 1948 – An important classic.

The changing NHS

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